EITC Expansion

We need your support to help 355,000 hard-working Marylanders.

The General Assembly has the opportunity to strengthen the state Earned Income Tax Credit this year and give a much-deserved break to people who work but struggle to get by on low wages, while also boosting local communities and economies across the state.

The EITC is a common-sense tax credit that lets low-wage workers keep more of what they earn to help meet their basic needs and pay for things that allow them to keep working, like child care and transportation.

However, we need to strengthen it to include more working people. Maryland's current EITC leaves behind thousands of workers, including young people just getting a start in the workforce. Legislation now before the General Assembly would help change that for about 355,000 people.

Our coalition has been building momentum in Annapolis, but now legislators need to hear from people who live in their districts. It's quick and easy!

Please take a few minutes to tell committee members that you support expanding the EITC through House Bill 2 and Senate Bill 14. Your actions will help thousands of workers, their families, and the local economy.

Thank you for your support!


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Dear  [Decision Maker],

The Earned Income Tax Credit is one of the best tools we have to help our neighbors, clients, and friends who work, but still struggle to afford the basics. However, it currently leaves out thousands of low-wage workers in Maryland who aren't raising children. SB 14/HB 2 would expand the EITC so more workers can make ends meet and have a shot at a brighter future.

I care about this policy because it could help our neighbors, clients, and friends afford housing, food, transportation, education and other necessities. This expansion will safeguard the economic health of younger workers in Maryland, while rewarding work, fighting poverty, and stimulating the economy.

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